Hair Rejuvenation


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      Injected Mesotherapy with a cocktail of Hair Growth Factors
      Micro-needling / Dermapen with Hair Growth Factor Serum
      PDT with Hair Growth Factor Serum.

      Botulinum Toxin/Dysport injected into the scalp every four months decreases the resistance to blood flow around the hair follicle, resulting in improved circulation to the hair follicle.

      We have many treatment options and solutions to combat the issue of hair loss; one of the most successful treatment options being PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma).

      PRP is well known for its anti-ageing on the face, neck, chest and hands, but this treatment is also very successful in rejuvenating the scalp. It restores proper blood flow and new blood vessel formation to the living zone of the scalp. This is where the hair follicles are situated and therefore resulting in "hair regeneration".

      PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma is a blood extract obtained through the use of separation in a centrifuge. It is a golden coloured liquid with high concentrations of platelets, containing at least seven growth factors.

      These growth factors are responsible for the regeneration and restoration of the hair follicles, enabling new, healthy hair to start emerging on the scalp.

      The aim is the restoration of proper blood circulation to the hair follicles through the introduction of concentrated PRP and growth factors. In so doing, it will cause the formation of new healthy blood vessels to supply the hair follicles and sustain hair growth and hair regeneration long term.

      The increase in blood flow brings essential nutrients into the follicle while taking away harmful waste products, but also increases cellular metabolism and cellular activity.

      The hair follicle, therefore, has the necessary building blocks and energy to transform from a weakened follicle to one that is healthy and capable of producing beautiful, thick healthy hair.

      The enhanced environment, in turn, invigorates the hair follicle which produces healthier hair, prevents further hair loss and stimulates the re-growth of hair.

      PRP, however, is not the only option for treating hair loss or hair thinning. At Skin Renewal treatments are often combined to yield optimum results.


      Hair loss can be the result of many triggers, including:

      Hormonal changes

      Various illnesses

      Changes in diet, such as crash diets

      Some medications as a side-effect

      Male and female pattern baldness linked to the DHT hormone (dihydrotestosterone)

      Immune system imbalances and auto-immune diseases


      Anaemia (lack of red blood cells)

      Stress (including bereavement)

      Fungal infections


      Thyroid disease




          For most people, hair loss is a progressive process, and as part of the ageing process, both men and women tend to lose hair thickness and hair volume.

          Inherited or "pattern baldness" however mainly affects men, but women are not excluded.

          About five percent of men start to lose their hair by the time they are thirty years old, and about two-thirds are either bald or have a balding pattern by the age of sixty.


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