Sculptra® - PLLA Biostimulator


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The talk of the aesthetics industry town, Sculptra is the first and only FDA-approved PLLA facial injectable treatment proven to stimulate the skin’s own collagen production, working gradually to rebuild collagen - restoring the skin’s scaffolding from the inside out, smoothing facial wrinkles, reducing the appearance of smile lines, for example, and delivering a more youthful-looking appearance overall.

There’s no skirting around the issue, the largest culprit for collagen depletion is age and, while collagen levels vary from person to person (depending on the results of the genetic lottery) studies agree that, from our mid-twenties, most of us experience a decrease in collagen production of about 1%. By our mid-40s we’re looking at that percentage having steadily increased, year on year, to 25%. So, while you may not notice the decrease of collagen in your 20s, by the time you’re nearing 50, your skin’s mid-life crisis could be well – and noticeably - underway.

With a seemingly endless array of anti-ageing treatments on the market, from collagen creams to collagen supplements, it’s important to know that not all anti-ageing treatments deliver on their promises. The fact is, topical creams don’t penetrate deeply enough to affect real change and the jury’s still out on the efficacy of ingestible collagen. Simply put, if you want to target the underlying causes of facial ageing proactively, not just address the symptoms reactively, a series of Sculptra treatments is the answer. Why? Because, as an injectable, Sculptra delivers a substantial collagen boost, turning back your skin’s clock by giving collagen production, at the deepest layers of your skin, a wakeup call.

As our industry-leading medical aesthetics doctors know all too well, sustainable, long-term results are achieved with a proven process, not a quick-fix, which is why Sculptra is a perfect fit for Skin Renewal and its clients. Once one of their medical aesthetic doctors have determined that Sculptra is right for your skin and your skin goals, the world-class team behind Skin Renewal’s nationwide presence will more than likely recommend a series of three Sculptra treatments to achieve gradual results - including restoration of facial volume and youthful fullness. But don’t just take Skin Renewal’s word for it, extensive clinical trials report that an impressive 94% of Sculptra clients agree that their treatment results looked natural two years after treatment.



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