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Dr Schrammek

Dr Schrammek Ageless Future Night Cream

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Anti-aging night care for mature skin

The very rich cream with isoflavones and valuable argan oil pampers and revitalises skin in need of regeneration over night. The effect in the morning: more beautiful looking skin. It appears smooth, supple and fresh.


Directions for use:

In the evening, apply evenly to face and neck after cleansing.


Effective ingredients:

  • Olea Vitae PLF: cell energy charging, vitalizing, firming
  • Sytenol®A® A (Bakuchiol): stimulates collagen synthesis, cell-generating, tissue-strengthening
  • Field horsetail: strengthens connective tissue, firming
  • Red clover (isoflavones): antioxidant, regenerating, stimulates the metabolism
  • Marula oil: antioxidant, barrier- strengthening, moisturising
  • Shea butter: regenerating, calming
  • Vitamin E: antioxidant, smoothing
  • Almond oil: regenerating, moisturizing

Suitable for vegans