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Heliocare Color Gel SPF50 - Brown

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Photoprotection with daily color to protect against photo-aging, blemishes, skin hyperpigmentation and protection in cases of sensitive and reactive skin, photosensitive or photosensitized by treatments.

Protects against sun damage while covering imperfections and unifies the tone of the skin. Heliocare Color Gelcream SPF 50 attenuates facial imperfections providing a uniform tone.

Its gelcream texture blends with the skin hydrating it. Provides a natural make-up appearance, covers imperfections while offering a high, antioxidant and restorative photoprotection.

Featured Benefits:

– Can be used as a foundation for fluid makeup. Formula oil free

– An antioxidant and restorative formula that combines the best of Heliocare’s photoprotection with the best makeup

– Thanks to the combination of Fernblock® with advanced technology filters and antioxidant assets, it prevents and repairs the effects of sun damage, counteracting the visible signs of photo-aging

How To Use:

Heliocare cream gel color 50 ml. Apply evenly on clean skin before sun exposure.